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Although the Internet was seen as a very technical and great invention in the past, it has become daily used but an indispensable part of us, which we use in every second of life. Especially during the pandemic, it inevitably took its place in the center of everyone’s life with remote working. But what is this internet?

What is Internet?

Internet means “between networks”, combined with the words inter and net. With the development of the computer in the 1950s, the history of the internet has also started to be written. Using the TCP / IP transfer protocol, an electronic communication network has been formed by connecting computer networks, and this is the internet we use actively today.

Even though we can connect to the internet everywhere via a wireless network, internet service is provided through underground cable lines. Wi-Fi, wireless internet, connection to cable networks is established through a router. When you want to connect with a smartphone, you need a base station connected to the cable network. The internet network is provided by fibre optic cables laid underground or conventional cables connected to electric poles.

Internet is a system that works with client-server logic. Servers also interact with each other and operate in direct connection to the internet. All servers have a fixed internet protocol, that is, a static IP address. Connections are established between computers thanks to IP addresses. The computers used at home are directly connected to the internet with the internet service provider. That means wireless internet connection is used. For this reason, computers at home are called clients. With the internet service offered by the service provider, the computer connects to the server’s IP address. Thus, the user provides access to the internet. We can give examples of service providers TürkTelekom and SuperOnline.

Internet vs www

www (World Wide Web) and internet are concepts that are often confused. Internet connects computer networks using TCP / IP. However, www is an information system consisting of linked hypertext documents published on the internet.

What is www?

The World Wide Web is a combination of all resources and users on the Internet using HTML (hypertext markup language). It can be called an information system. It enables data and information sharing on the Internet. These pages, which can contain text, pictures, videos and multimedia items, can be accessed through the browser. Developed by Tim Berners-Lee, www was used in the first CERN and today it is in the top 3 in the indispensable list.

Browser: Browser: Software and programs that enable us to access Internet pages. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are examples.

TCP/IP: TCP / IP is a communication method on the internet created by combining TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and IP (Internet Protocol) protocols. Thanks to this method, all devices connected to the internet can communicate with each other.

HTML: HyperText Markup Language: It is not a programming language, but a markup language. Rendered in browsers.

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