Microsoft introduced the Visual Studio Online

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Microsoft introduced the Visual Studio Online – online code editor running in the browser.

Microsoft announced Visual Studio Online. However, now it is the private preview launch. That means, it is not open to public usage. If you want, you can sign up for the private preview to experience it.

Visual Studio Online is based on open-source, desktop code editor – Visual Studio Code. That means Visual Studio Online supports what Visual Studio Code has, all the extensions. It also supports for IntelliCode which is known as Microsoft tool for AI-assisted development.

The main reason to launch the Visual Studio Online is being “companion”. It is expected to continue with the existing environment. However, for a quick change or review, it is a good environment.

The name Visual Studio Online is familiar for some of us because it was used for all DevOps things not a long time ago. However, last year, the name was changed as Azure DevOps and “Visual Studio Online” opened for other uses. Because of this, when many people heard the name, they thought the same context. However, it is totally different.

If you want to try an online Visual Studio version as soon as possible but you do not also want to wait, you can experience Coder which provides remote Visual Studio Code environment.


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