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1) What is the differences between “pull request” and “branch”?

Branch is the feature to handle the changes in a simple way in order to merge them with the rest of the code.

Pull Request is a feature that makes easier to tell others about the changes you have done. It can have some reviewers and discussion area to discuss potential modification.

2) If are not collaborating and you are already using a backup system why would you use Git?
  • If the code has an error between the commits, the command git diff can be used to see the differences between the current and the last changes. It helps to diagnose the error.
  • It helps us to rollback – revert the commit.
  • Assume that you want to change the code but you are not sure if it works. A new branch can be created and after adopting the changes, it can be tested. If it works, this branch can be merged to the main one. If it does not work, you can continue with the clean main branch thanks to Git features.
  • Thanks to the history of Git, nothing is forgotten. It is a big advantage for a long and crowded team.
3) Can you use Git without GitHub?

Yes, Git runs locally if you don’t use GitHub. GitHub (and any other local, remote or hosted system) can all be peers in the same distributed versioned repositories within a single project.
An alternative to using GitHub could be running Git on files hosted on Dropbox, but GitHub is a more streamlined service as it was made especially for Git.

4) Tell what exactly do you know about GIT Stash?

It is used when there is a need for storing the current state of a project so that the users can continue with the same at a later stage. There is often a need to switch to another job when one is active and developers can simply keep up the pace with such a situation with the Stash. It simply enables the users to not to lose their edits.

5) Name the tool that can be deployed for Git migration?

SubGit. SubGit is a tool for a smooth, stress-free SVN to Git migration. Also, SubGit also takes care of synchronization between Git and Subversion.

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